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We help indiviuduals achieve nationally approved certifications using our four step program: Learn…

Information Technology

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Learn critical computer and Internet skills valued in today's academic and professional environments.

Why Computer Success

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We offer a wide range of courses and assistance services that are products of technological innovation.

Classroom Teach*nician Certification (Classroom Teachers)

imageA recent survey showed approximately 75% of students feel they know more about technology than their classroom teachers….and the surprising reality, most teachers agree.

Today’s education landscape is changing for teachers in the classrooms. Teachers are now required to use more technologies in the classroom than they did three to five years ago. However, students are having to power down when they come to school because the technologies they use at home are more advanced than the technologies that are used in the classrooms.

Technology plays a big role in students’ lives…at least, their lives outside of school. The average child loves to watch YouTube videos, talk with their friends on Facebook, text messages to their friends, use digital cameras, iPhones, Nintendo, and iPads. Usually, a child is connected to at least one or more of these devices on a daily basis.

Compared to the interactions and exploration students engage in at home, many students are finding the technology at their school falls short.
One student stated: “Pretty much the only time we use the computer is to do research or type essays.” Most of the classrooms in schools don’t have their own workstations, so teachers have to sign up for time at the computer lab. Only a few teachers have interactive whiteboards, but students hardly ever get the opportunity to use them.

Recent research suggests, while we’ve traditionally used the term digital divide to refer to the technology gap between financially secure suburban districts and their poorer urban counterparts, another divide has emerged, and it’s cause for concern: the disparity between how educators view their use of technology and how students themselves perceive it. To put it simply, schools are falling short of kids’ expectations about how technology can and should be used in the classroom.

The National Classroom Teach*nician Certification is the first certification program in the world specifically designed to empower teachers with the digital literate skills needed to manage the modern digital landscape…their classrooms. Teachers become Teach*nicians and Chief Education Officers (CEOs) of their classrooms by blending their teaching skills with skills of a computer technician.

“Certified Classroom Teach*nicians are teachers who are leaders when it comes to integrating technology into their classrooms. They are able to troubleshoot technology using the basic level of technical skills to maintain the technologies used in their classroom on a daily basis. In other words, Teach*nicians are classroom teachers who are able to blend teaching skills with basic computer technician skills.”

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