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Bridging the Digital Divide

Certifying the Future

K-12 Education, Post-Secondary & Adult Education, GED, Workforce Development Corporations, HealthCare, Correctional Institutions, Individual Learners


Who We Are

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We help indiviuduals achieve nationally approved certifications using our four step program: Learn…

Information Technology

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Learn critical computer and Internet skills valued in today's academic and professional environments.

Why Computer Success

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We offer a wide range of courses and assistance services that are products of technological innovation.


Teachers, administrators and district leaders are increasingly coming to grips with the somewhat confounding reality that despite students’ affinity for iPhones and their complete comfort with Google, Facebook, and Twitter many of them lack the technological literacy they need to navigate today’s information landscape. However, recognizing the problem is not the same as knowing how to measure or fix it — tasks that many are puzzling over.

Students are good at learning technologies, but not all students are good at applying them or mastering them. As technology evolves so quickly, experts toil to grasp the extent of the problem. Computer Success has a solution that accurately measures and gauges students’ technological literacy through computer certification programs. Some schools are using the IC3 certification exam as a replacement for the final exam in their computer literacy course such as Introduction to Business Computer Applications (IBCA). Other schools are using the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification exam to replace the final exam in Business Computer Applications (BCA). Furthermore, a certification in either could open doors for students in the workplace and/or lead to college credit.

At Computer Success, we are focused on “bridging the digital divide” and “certifying the future” by assisting individual students with attaining personal, career and life goals through globally recognized certifications. Students can begin earning these highly recognized certifications as early as junior high or high school. Classes are taught by certified professionals in small groups (up to 15 students). These certifications are also available to students in post-secondary, GED or individuals in the workforce.

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